Google updates two of its most downloaded apps… And nobody notices!

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1674582709 709109 1674583099 rrss normal.jpg

We are so focused on our day to day, our routine, our comfort zone… That sometimes we don’t even realize what we are surrounded by. This is the case of the latest updates that Google has carried out with two of its most downloaded applications. It has nothing to do with what we have discussed this morning on our website in relation to Android Auto, but something simpler. Much simpler and more usual. Clock and Calculator updates The fact is that Google has updated the Clock and Calculator apps. Between the two applications, they have more than 2,000 million downloads, a not inconsiderable figure. Therefore, we are in front of two apps that allow a series of essential functions in our day to day as smartphone users. After all, we have all used the Clock and Calculator on our mobile phone. They come in handy when we need them. Google Calculator has been updated to version 8.4, while Google Clock has gone to patch 7.4. If you have an Android mobile and the file has not been automatically updated, you will surely have to access the Play Store and update them manually. However, we anticipate that there are hardly any major changes in terms of functionality. What have been the elements that have changed? Yes, you can appreciate some small tweaks at the design level and can generate the sensation of “newness” as soon as you update the applications. However, in short, we are facing an update that fixes bugs, solves problems and little else. oh! They have also added a new section in the options menu. That new section is a hyperlink that leads to Google’s privacy policy. As you can see, small changes that don’t really lead anywhere. Despite this, the Google Clock has added a very curious function that more than one Android user will surely like. Of course, it considerably improves the experience of the app and makes it more fun. This is the option to record sounds to be able to use them as an alarm clock tone. Do you want your dog’s howling to wake you up in the morning so you don’t miss work? Hit record and use it as an alarm tone. >

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