The line of Google Assistants in all its models incorporates a very useful function that is quite used by many users: white noise. The reproduction of this sound helps us mask external noises and is excellent for creating an environment conducive to sleeping, studying or concentrating. However, at the moment there are many users upset by the update that Google has made to its white noise.

According to feedback, the new sound is too quiet and even the loop length is shorter.

Google has left many users upset with white noise

As we mentioned at the beginning, users of white noise in Google Assistants use it for activities such as studying or sleeping. The white noise audio update by Google was not reported or announced. In this sense, many users addressed to the Google Nest support forum where the wave of comments began. From there people were able to confirm the change, seeing others confirm that the white noise audio was different.

Among the complaints that we can read we find from the duration of the loop, through someone who says that his baby was the one who noticed the change to others who say that the new white noise is simply irritating. Given all this, Google has not issued any type of comment, just like when the sound changed.

The good news is that a user via Reddit suggested an alternative that could mitigate the annoyance of users upset by Google’s white noise change. In that sense, you have uploaded the original audio to Google Drive and shared it, so that it will be enough to play it to recover the previous experience.

If you want to get it, yesfollow this link.