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Google updates its assistant so that telling it to stop does not require many words

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We have all gotten used to the fact that when we want to communicate with a virtual assistant, we must activate it through a magic phrase that will be different depending on which one we are addressing. Alexa is not the same as Siri or Google. In the latter case, to start a conversation we must say “Ok, Google”. That, which seems so natural to us, ends up becoming an obstacle to understanding each other with the smart speaker or whatever device, especially at the moment in which the situation asks us to maintain a dialogue. Both “Ok, Google” ends up unnecessarily lengthening a process that surely could be faster, more agile and efficient. Stop what you’re doing… now! For this reason, Google has been working for three years on introducing a series of isolated words that we can use without having to say “Ok, Google” first. The idea is to avoid losing precious seconds when we want, for example, an alarm to stop sounding, for which it will only be necessary to pronounce the magic word “stop” for the assistant to pay attention to us. What Google has now developed is an improvement to that “stop” function, which we can not only use for that alarm that starts to sound very soon, but also for cases in which we are playing some content on a compatible device. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a TV or a smart speaker from those sold by Mountain View. In addition, this new improvement of the magic word “stop” can be applied to the moment in which the assistant is in the middle of a tirade explaining something to us and that, for whatever reason, we do not want to continue listening. By pronouncing that word, without the need for the famous “Ok, Google”, we will have the job done because the voice will stop in its tracks. Without asking anything. As we say, little by little Google is introducing changes so that conversations with the assistant are more natural and without so many expendable parts that right now seem mandatory for the entire system to work, but it is clear that the future of these intelligences that accompany us It goes through the use of a more natural, more fluid language that is more like a dialogue than an order and you answer me as it is now because of that “Ok, Google”. >

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