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Google updates Gmail for iOS: a new, more informative widget arrives

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Google recently updated its app Gmail for iOS devices which now also offers a second widget in addition to the existing one where, in addition to the possibility of knowing how many unread e-mails there are in the inbox, there is also a button for speed dialing an email and a search interface.

While it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes, it just reports “bug fixes and performance improvements”, this new Gmail widget, announced last November, shows the user the last three e-mails present in the inbox as well as the speed dial key for a new e-mail and the one with our photo to access the ‘app. Unlike the previous widget, this one definitely offers a lot more information.

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As always, the widget is also compatible with night mode and it can be inserted either within the “Today” screen, together with other widgets, or within one of the various homescreens. The size, also in this case, is the average size that occupies the space of eight icons. To add the widget just long press on the Home screen and click the “+” button which is then displayed in the upper left corner.

The new widget is available with Gmail version 6.0.211226 for iOS which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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