Google TV, the remote control for Android TV is updated with some changes to the layout


You know a few days ago when we reported that a new remote control mode had arrived for devices based on Android TV in the Google Home app? Here, there is another one, very similar but not entirely identical, also in the Google TV app, formerly known as Google Play Movies and TV.

As you can see from the screenshots below the layout and functionality are virtually identical, but the fonts change a bit and, above all, it is possible to recall it through a quick toggle in the Quick Settings of the operating system notifications drop-down. Among other things, a new layout has just been introduced for choosing the device: it is a little more elegant and modern than the one found in Google Home.

Colleagues from 9to5google they signaled the arrival of the news last night, and we have it already found in Italy on our devices, so it is safe to assume that distribution is already well advanced. Apparently it all happens on the server side, however – we certainly haven’t received any app updates via the Play Store. Of course, having the latest version available will not hurt, indeed, it is probably necessary.

In all of this, in the mix there is still the old Android TV Remote app, which here in Italy is simply called Android TV, whose last update dates back to over 4 years ago – to be precise on April 4, 2017. Google had announced that it would be retired, but for now it is available for download and working . In short, as happens all too often, Google has worked hard to confuse users’ ideas; our favorite among the available options, however, remains the one integrated into the Google TV object of this article.