Google TV launches the Advent calendar: 25 days for 25 Christmas movies on your Smart TV

google tv launches the advent calendar 25 days for 25 christmas movies on your smart tv
google tv launches the advent calendar 25 days for 25 christmas movies on your smart tv

With continuous news and updates, like what happened in September for the best content , now Google TV has released a novelty that has not been seen before: the Advent calendar. A way to entertain users so that every day they have a very special recommendation from the technology giant’s service.

This calendar is a kind of countdown until Christmas Day . It can also be seen in gifts given in other countries so that every day a small surprise can be opened to cheer up loved ones and family. It is the same objective of Google to make December a more endearing month.

The new Google TV experience tries to help the user find Christmas movies or those that have that special relationship with the days that are about to arrive in the coming weeks. There are actually 25 recommendations so that you don’t forget those Christmas movies that are best enjoyed with family or company .

This novelty is now available in Spain , so you just have to start Google TV to find the Advent calendar from the home screen. You can watch each day marked with a Christmas card and clicking on one takes you to the recommended movie, the streaming services you can watch and even the price if you want to rent it. These are some of the recommendations made:

As mentioned, this list of recommendations can be found as a carousel at the top of the home screen . Also, recently Google TV has taken the opportunity to show the best content of 2023 that gives details about the most watched movies and TV series so far this year.

Two new experiences to enjoy with the family some legendary Christmas films as well as offering the opportunity to discover some secret gem as happens with Disney animation stories with one of its most popular characters, Mickey Mouse.

This novelty should be present on Chromecast with Google TV or through the same mobile app, so it is just a matter of turning on the TV or stopping by the Google Play Store to update this app and enjoy those 25 recommendations for such a special date What is Christmas like?

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