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Google TV is now much better: it takes up less space and is also faster

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If you have been browsing on your device Google TV favorite and you have noticed that it seems faster, do not think that you are crazy… because it is so. The Mountain View company in a message has communicated that it has begun to distribute a update for your operating system. This improves several sections of the operation of the software.

recover storage space

First of all, there are the improvements that are included to improve performance of the devices (both Smart TV and players such as Google Chromecast). One of the changes has to do with the hibernation apps, which is a familiar feature for people with a phone running Google’s operating system (it’s available from Android 12 onwards). From now on, an app that is not used for 30 days will go into hibernation mode, which will cause the app to take up less storage space instead of running faster – basically what you get if you force close the app – .

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In addition, it is also Android App Bundles, which uses Google Play itself to essentially serve specific applications that are smaller – rather than a standard file that is larger. This allows you to further reduce what the apps occupy up to 25%. Not bad considering how tight the storage is on computers that use Google TV.


Improved performance on Google TV

The North American company also says that it has updated Google TV devices with the aim of “eliminating waiting time” as much as possible when using the equipment. This is positive, since it gives a good boost to the products that are older, but that use the development of the Mountain View firm and, also, for the less powerful ones. The fact is that with the improvements made it “reduces the time it takes to wake up your Google TV, the response time between your TV and the button clicks on your remote control and the amount of time you see the loading animation when restart your device”.

A change to the Google TV home screen was also mentioned, with improved navigation and content pages providing “a smoother experience overall.” Therefore, the user experience is much better in all situations.

And that’s it. Any little performance improvement is good when it comes to a device you’re probably using multiple times every day. And power squeeze every mega on the Chromecast with Google TV It is important.

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