Google TV has a problem with Netflix and does not appear in their ‘watchlists’

Google TV has a problem with Netflix and does not appear in their 'watchlists'
Google Tv Has A Problem With Netflix And Does Not

With the arrival of the new Chromecast, Google has taken the opportunity to liquidate the old Android TV and rename it as Google TV, which has led to a series of quite important changes. The main one, that esa system startup home is no longer a static home page with a number of apps and you’re done, but is much more alive and useful than before.

What it now shows and that it did not do before are the contents. Instead of offering access to a streaming application, it opts for highlight on the cover certain series or movies that we can reach through a simple click. It is something that the Amazon Fire TV Stick already had and that little by little, with good judgment, it is spreading to other STBs.


Netflix has a problem

The problem has arisen at the time when many users have begun to miss that your new Chromecast and televisions with Google TV do not show the most important Netflix content on that homeSo no featured series or movie appears to start watching with one click. The most they can do is look for the application icon, access it and choose whatever it is.

Google TV Home.

This function is especially interesting because In addition to not appearing in those highlights, it also does not allow us to add them to Google TV’s own watchlists and that they make it easier for us to keep a list of content that we want to see regardless of the application where they have it exclusively. Thus, we can choose a fiction from HBO, another from Disney +, a movie from Netflix, etc. and always have them on hand to complete the wish list.

Asked by Google by 9to5Google for the reason that this happens with Netflix, those of Mountain View have answered that “with Google TV, our goal is to offer the best of our search and discovery functions in their subscriptions to their favorite devices. We work with each content partner to enable these entertainment experiences and the level of integration will vary. according to the partner. “So, without saying so, they are practically confirming that these functions will return the moment both companies understand each other. And that verb hides something that you all imagine: an economic agreement? For now, you know, Google TV doesn’t get along too well with Netflix as far as content exposure on the home page is concerned. Another thing is the app, which continues to work without problems.