Google Translate makes it easy to type in other languages ​​on Android

The Google Translate app is adding an interesting novelty to Android.

A new dynamic that will save you some steps when you want to write in a different language than the default on mobile for translation.

Google translate makes it easy to write in another language on your mobile

If you frequently use the Google translator on your mobile, you will be interested in knowing the new dynamics of the app. An option that affects Gboard, the Google keyboard.

The Google Translate app on Android now automatically changes the language of Gboard when we type in a language other than the default. That is, if you write words in a different language to translate them in the Translator app, you will see that the keyboard language is automatically changed for this process.

This will make it easier for us to write any word without having to open the keyboard settings manually and change the language. And don’t worry, Gboard’s language automatically changes back when we exit the Google Translate app interface.

Although it is a small change, it will save us a few steps when using the app to translate words or phrases. As mentioned in 9to5Google, this new dynamic does not seem to be available in all versions of Google Translate, so we will have to wait to see if it will be a change that will be implemented to all in the coming days or if it is limited to certain devices.

Recall that the Google team announced that the translator would add new options to Android. And among them, a series of widgets with direct shortcuts to use the app’s camera, enter text, switch to conversation mode and use the dictation function.

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A novelty that was also extended to iOS, since the Google Translate app added a new widget to use the app from the home screen.