Google Translate for Android has a new widget, and it’s fantastic

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1651220142 837920 1651220186 rrss normal.jpg

One of the most useful applications that Google has is its translator. With it, it is possible to carry out a large number of actions, such as helping in a conversation or being able to use texts that are captured with the smartphone’s camera. Well, the Mountain View company has a new widget for this development that improves its use. The widget that existed until now in this app was very simple, since it barely offered access to the most basic functions because its dimensions were 1 x 1. In addition, it did not include the Android 12 Material You design, so it lacked that aesthetic touch that is essential for users when using developments that visually fit with the operating system they use. Well, all this has changed at a stroke. A new widget is very useful As has been known, some users have begun to receive an update from Google (it is activated from the company’s services) that allow access to a new widget that has many more possibilities. To begin with, this allows you to adjust its size, which makes it possible to add more shortcuts to access functions directly from the desktop of Android terminals. Thus, for example, a second line is included in which you can establish access to the telephone’s microphone; going through everything that has to do with conversations; and you can even use the device’s camera to translate a menu in a restaurant or a sign in a store. Obviously, there is a box at the top where you can write a text and, depending on the language you have chosen (there is a button for it), you can get a direct translation using the Google application. This makes the widget much more useful now, and it should also be noted that its new design even allows it to change color depending on the one used on the Android desktop. Arrival to users of this novelty from Google At the moment not all those who use the translator have the new version, since the activation is being carried out gradually. But in a matter of a few days, in principle, everything should be active in the regions where this application is available… where Spain is not lacking. In any case, to avoid problems, we recommend that you install the latest version of the app that is in the Play Store, so that you have everything perfectly prepared for when the time comes to obtain the additional functions that we have mentioned. >

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