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Google tool to remove our name, phone number and address from the search engine

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Google wants to make it easier for users to request the removal of search results that contain personal data, and for this it is launching a tool that facilitates the process.

The goal is to allow if someone sees your address, phone number, or other personally identifiable information within Google results, they can request removal and see the effective removal in no time.

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Google already showed off the “results about you” feature back in May of this year, and it did so with the following description:

[…] a way to help you easily control whether your personally identifiable information can be found in search results.

How to ask Google to delete personal information

If in a search result we find our phone number, address or email, we can click on the three-dot menu at the top right to access the “About this result” option. There will appear a new option called “Delete result”, at the bottom of the screen, with a dialog box where it will be possible to indicate if our telephone number, address or email appears. That way, they will be able to review the application more quickly.

In the Google app we will have a new menu item called “Results about you”, available by touching our user profile, top right. Then we can see how the requests we have made are progressing, being possible to select “All requests”, “In progress” and “Approved”.

In that option we can also make a new request and answer the question: Why do you want to delete this result? There we will have options of various types:

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– Displays my personal contact information.
– Shows my contact with the intention of harming me.
– Displays other personal information.
– Contains illegal information.
– It is outdated.

It is important to note that Google will not honor any removal request, and they make it clear that removing information in search results does not remove it from the internet, as it will still exist on the original page.

Only a handful of people in the US and Europe currently have access to this feature, and it will gradually expand.

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