Google thinks of tablets with the changes coming to the Play Store

Recently Google came out on the Tablet, describing a future where sales will exceed those of laptops. After a period of stagnation that had put them on the fringes of the tech market, with the pandemic the public began to take an interest again in tablets (and not just iPads) as economical and versatile options to address the needs of daily productivity.

For the experience on Android tablets to begin to approach that of iPadOS, however, there is still a long way to go: over time the developers have dedicated themselves to the creation of apps designed specifically for iPad, which were therefore not only larger versions of those. iOS, but actively exploited all the extra screen.

Google has hinted that it wants to take this path with decision, just think of the efforts to develop Android 12L (even if at the moment the results are not really stable): on the other hand, there are already over 250 million active devices between Android tablets, folding and terminals with ChromeOS, and therefore the public interested in an increasingly rounded and optimized experience is vast.


For this reason in Mountain View they began to think big for large screens. As communicated in a blog post by the Android developers, in fact, in the “next months“will be introduced changes for the Play Store with the aim of help users find their way quickly and effectively towards apps already optimized for larger screens than smartphones.

The cornerstones of this review are three. Starting with changes to ranking and promotion, or to update the Play Store classification system on devices with large displays, with the aim of highlight optimized, high-quality apps and games.

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Not only: non-optimized apps will be signaled with specific messages. in this way, users could feel discouraged to download them: a dynamic that could act as an incentive for developers, so that they are activated as soon as possible to create apps in tablet format.

Finally, the last change will affect the reviewswhich will no longer be all mixed up but divided according to the type of device (folding smartphone, tablet, WearOS, ChromeOS), thus making it possible for users to express themselves and inform themselves in a more detailed and detailed manner.