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Google thinks about child safety: Kids Space launched on Android tablets

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Google thinks about children's safety: Kids Space launched on Android tablets

Google has decided to launch a new service dedicated to children on all Android tablets: it’s called Kids Space and will soon arrive first on some Lenovo devices (including the new Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2) and then globally, filling all tablets with the green robot operating system with apps and products for children.

Parents will be able to rest easy thanks to Kids Space: this tool will go alongside Family Link, launched in 2017, and the Family section already existing on Android, which have been used for some time to control children’s activities via security filters and time limits for online browsing. Now part of the heart of Android, together with Kids Space these services will provide parents with all the tools to guarantee the little explorers of tomorrow a pleasant, educational and safe use experience.

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Kids Space will allow children to always find new content: videos uploaded to YouTube Kids, games on Google Play, jokes, more than 400 free books and much more will be accessible thanks to this service. Everything that appears on Kids Space will be controlled by experts, teachers and educators, divided into sections and can also be selected by parents, who can add or remove material at any time.

But these are not the only innovations that Big G has recently brought to its products: through the Google Chrome search engine, soon every person will be able to create a unique and original page that acts as a “business card”; or, Google has thought of launching courses lasting six months that are valued in the same way as a degree.

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