Google Stadia begins to return the money to its customers. Has it reached you?


At the end of September last year, Google announced the closure of Stadia, its video game streaming platform. A jug of cold water for users of this service. Although the Mountain View-based company promised that it would return the amount of all purchases made. It also announced that these refunds would be made directly from Google, so the customer didn’t have to worry about a thing. And if you are one of the affected users, you better keep an eye on your mailbox, because it seems that Google’s machinery has begun to move. Google begins to return all the money to Stadia customers Or this is what emerges from the latest update of the Google Stadia support blog, and where the Internet giant has announced that they have already begun to make the first returns. As stated in the update they just released: “Beginning November 9, 2022, Stadia will attempt to automatically process refunds for all non-Stadia Pro game, add-on, and subscription fee purchases made through the Stadia Store. . We ask that you be patient while we handle each transaction and that you do not contact support as they will not be able to expedite the refund process. However, we expect to process most refunds by January 18, 2023.” In this way, and as you may have seen in the message published by the American company, as of November 9, 2022, Google Stadia will begin to return the amount of purchases to customers, with the aim of completing the entire process before on January 18, 2023. Therefore, if you purchased the Google Stadia controller or any other product related to the Google service, from today until January 18, 2023 you could receive the payment. As the Mountain View-based company indicates in its statement, saying that the payment will be made automatically and they will send you an email with instructions. In the event that the payment cannot be refunded (for example, you paid with an expired card), Google will inform you how to request a refund. Most likely through Payoneer, a company associated with Google. Finally, note that those users who have made up to 20 transactions or less, Google will send an email per refunded transaction. On the other hand, if you have made 21 or more purchases, they will only send you a single email with all the refunds. A pity the death of Stadia, but nobody can deny that, with this movement, Google has been really good with its customers. >