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Google search has new tools for people in crisis seeking help

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The Google team wants to provide more effective help to users who are depressed and turn to the search engine for help.

And for this, it will implement a new dynamic in the search engine that will make it easier for users to have the information they need without having to scroll through the search results.

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Google tools for people in crisis

When users search for terms related to suicide, Google displays in its search engine a series of texts with indications so that they can communicate with professionals.

On the one hand, it encourages users to contact trusted and professional people. And then, it shows them a series of options to connect with them. For example, by sending a text message, contacting certain phone lines or with links to go directly to different platforms to receive online assistance.

And now, Google is implementing a new dynamic so that users can communicate with professionals.

Message templates for users to request help

As the Google team mentions, when a person is in crisis, they may not know how to express themselves to ask for help. So that this is not an obstacle, Google will show a series of predefined texts for users to use to start a conversation and ask for help.

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[…] When someone searches for terms related to suicide, they’ll see a prompt with conversation starters that they can send via text. These prewritten notices, developed in partnership with the expertise of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, reduce the stigma of asking for help, which has been shown to help people get support in times of crisis.

As can be seen in the images above, the user only has to choose one of these texts and send it directly from the search engine to professionals or online assistance. This will allow them to receive help as soon as possible, even when they don’t know how to express how they feel.

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