Google revolutionizes its search engine with generative Artificial Intelligence functions in response to Bing

google revolutionizes its search engine with generative artificial intelligence functions.jpg
google revolutionizes its search engine with generative artificial intelligence functions.jpg

The war for the implementation of the Generative artificial intelligence in search engines It is being very interesting. Microsoft, thanks to its investment in OpenAI, has been responsible for adding ChatGPT and DALL-E to Bing, while Google is doing the same with its internally developed tools.

Let’s welcome the new Google. If you want to have a much more creative search engine in images and textsign up for the new experiment and start testing these features.

Google already has its ChatGPT

Google believes that Generative AI in search It can spark inspiration and help you do even more things. There is also the fact that Microsoft has implemented GPT-4 in Bing thanks to its OpenAI investment, so the search engine technology giant cannot be left behind in what has made them great.

From now on, those who register in an experimental phase will be able to check the latest advances in generative Artificial Intelligence in the popular search engine. This new capability will allow you to get even more help while searching and will begin rolling out today to those who have opted in to the experiment.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for writing, Google helps you with the new drafts written in generative search. To do this, you will only have to ask the tool to write a document on a certain topic and for a specific function. In Google’s example on its blog, the search engine was asked to “write a quote request to convert my garage into a home office.” Once the search engine returns the AI-generated result, you can export it to Google Docs or Gmail.

You can register and share feedback on generative AI experiments through Search Labs.

Generate images with the search engine

Another of the pillars of generative Artificial Intelligence is the creation of images through a series of indications about the elements of the composition, the artistic style, etc. At Bing, after implementing GPT-4 as a language model, they also did the same with DALL-E 3 to create images for the user.

Now Google wanted to respond and start offering this same service to its users, lest they go to the competition’s search engine. Implemented as part of the search engine and in the experimental phase, it already has the ability to create images with AI-powered generative search (SGE).

You will only have to ask Google to create an image via a description of what we are looking for (using the so-called prompts) and the generative image search engine will provide up to four generated creations in the results.

By touching any of those images you will see how the Generative AI You have expanded your initial query with more descriptive details. From here, you can further edit the description to add even more details and bring your vision to life.

You may also see an option to create AI-generated images directly in Google Images, as part of this experiment. This function is designed to appear when you’re looking for inspiration. There are times when you may be looking for a specific image, but can’t find exactly what you have in mind. Or maybe you have an idea and need help visualizing it. Now Google will help you with this.

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