Google renews the AI ​​of its search engine: it will allow you to create images and help you write any text

google renews the ai ​​of its search engine it will.jpg
google renews the ai ​​of its search engine it will.jpg

The new Google AI that will allow you to create images is official, and has been presented just after the arrival of Dall-E 3 to the Bing search engine.


Google has been working on its search system powered by artificial intelligence for some time. The company has given it the name SGE, acronym for Search Generative Experience, which translated would be something like “generative search experience.” Now, it is receiving highly anticipated news, although we cannot yet test them in Spain.

One of them is a writing assistant, which can help you write any type of text, choosing the duration and context. On the other hand, also images can be generated from the search. This change comes just shortly after Bing’s conversational AI also includes the ability to generate images using Dall-E.

Obviously, this technology is subject to certain limitations, but it is a very positive thing that Google is finally encouraged to offer this function to users. There are already several alternatives available both for searching and creating images, but it is true that The more competition there is, the more advances can be expected.

One of Google’s great innovations related to this platform is the ability to generate images. This way, when you use Google image search, but the desired result is not found, can be used, in fact, Google will make that suggestion. Although we will not have to wait for this situation to be able to use it.

Google’s artificial intelligence model, as the company shows in the statement, will offer four different images for each description that users type in the search box. Here, You will also be able to rate the appropriateness of the image generated to the description, as well as edit it or directly export or copy the image.

Google Generative AI

It has strict filtering policies that will prevent inappropriate content, and images will be metadata that identifies them as files generated by AIwhich will considerably help prevent anyone from passing them off as real photographs or manual illustrations.

The other feature that the company has announced is a wizard that will help the user write. This is capable of creating an initial draft with the ideas that the user explains to it, and now it will be possible to choose both the tone in which to write it and the length that the text should have, so that the result is just what the user user needs. Both text and images generated using SGE They can be exported to Google Docs or Gmail, so integration with the company’s apps can be very useful. At the moment, this Google search platform is only available in the United States, although it has recently arrived in India and Japan.

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