Google refreshes its Android applications with Material You

materialyou 1000x600.png
materialyou 1000x600.png


It does not take more than a few weeks for Google to launch Android 12, the new version of the most popular operating system in the mobile segment and among the many new features that it brings, the redesign starring Material You It is undoubtedly the one that comes to the fore first.

Do you remember when the iPhone was the design model to follow in everything? It has rained a lot since then and both outside and inside, Android phones have caught up, when they have not surpassed Apple’s terminals in various aspects. There is still a battle in the end-use experience, which largely depends on the particular model being used as an example, but the differences in design have been reversed in recent years.

The indispensable movement for everything to have changed so much was given by Google with the development of Material Design, design lines that have extended beyond Android, involving all the products of the Internet giant, although it is in the mobile system where they have remained at the best level and, in general, at the forefront. Material You is its evolution and, as we say, it will be a very important part of Android 12. Will your phone receive Android 12?

It is more than possible that even if you have a relatively recent mobile, Android 12 will never land on it, all because of the disastrous update policies (this is one of the aspects where Apple continues to give lessons) that are spent practically all Android device manufacturers, see how Xiaomi’s plans in this regard show. And this is a problem with more serious implications than receiving Material You.

On the other hand, even if your mobile ends up updating to Android 12, nothing guarantees that you will get to test Material You as developed by Google, because there are manufacturers that extend their customization layer over the system and can end up loading the experience with a stroke of the pen. Only with an Android 12 factory type (the Pixel or Moto G, to give two examples) will you taste Material You in its fullness.

However, whether or not Android 12 reaches you, Material You will, in part, do so in the main Google applications for Android. In fact, it will have already reached you, although you may not have realized it yet; but the latest updates to apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Keep and many others, Material You sings for soleares. Would you like to see it? Take your mobile and look at it!

Material You

Broadly speaking, Material You is an evolution of Material Design subtle in applications, but more forceful in widgets, and where its introduction in a factory type Android 12 will stand out the most because it respects Google’s style by default, and because it will make use of the new dynamic color function by which the accent of colors in the applications will be determined by that of the image that is set as the wallpaper.

Below you can see a comparison between the current Material, Material You and Material You with dynamic color.


Material You - Gmail

Google Calendar

Material You - Google Calendar

Google drive

Material You - Google Drive

Google Keep

Material You - Google Keep