Google proposes a new notification system with these gadgets

Brian Adam

If you are overwhelmed by the constant notifications that reach your devices, then you will be interested in the new dynamics that Google proposes.

These are not new options to manage notifications from the devices you have at home. The proposal of the Google team is to encourage a less intrusive notification system. And for this, it welcomes a new series of connected gadgets within the home.


Google wants notifications to be less intrusive

Little Signals is the name of the new Google initiative that integrates six devices designed in collaboration with the Map Project Office studio.

Little Signals considers new patterns for technology in our daily lives. The six lenses in the series keep us informed, but gently, moving from background to foreground as needed.

The idea is that you no longer have to depend on the screens of the devices you have at home for notifications, but instead create a more relaxed environment. So you will see that each gadget has a different mode of communication, but based on the central idea that it is not intrusive and feels “natural”. In other words, it will have a dynamic that will attract our attention, but in a subtle way.

We are reviewing some of the gadgets so that you understand the concept. For example, one of them is AIR, which will blow air so that any nearby objects move slightly so that you know that there is a notification. So if you put this gadget near a plant you will be able to see how its leaves move when you receive a notification. .

We also have MOVEMENT that has a system of cylinders that move up and down to indicate that you have a pending notification. On the other hand, we have TAP, which with different types of taps can tell you when it comes to urgent notifications.

You can see the dynamics of all the gadgets, as well as the download link with the code, from the Little Signals page. A detail to have is that these gadgets. which are part of a Google experiment, are under development. And no, they have not mentioned if they will be available for sale in the future.