Google Podcasts could migrate its services to YouTube

Google Podcasts could migrate its services to YouTube

The growth in popularity of podcasts on different platforms and applications such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer among others, have generated YouTube to position itself as a space in which video versions of popular programs can be reproduced by users.

In the last year, the platform of Google has developed programs to attract creators of this type of content with financial aid for the production in addition to the creation of a tab dedicated exclusively to this type of publication that is still in a phase of beta test.

However, the biggest leap in the direction of incorporating podcast both in its audio format and in its version of video is generated due to the transition of the service of Google Podcasts to the platform of Youtube due to the disappearance of the search results related to this function in the seeker.

Google Podcast could migrate its services to YouTube. (The Verge)

Google Podcast could migrate its services to YouTube. (The Verge)

Google Podcasts disappears as a search result

Although the function of podcast of the company had had a recent change in its design and that the appearance of its content was available as part of the browser results options, currently the episodes published no longer appear as part of the search options in the desktop versions or in the one dedicated to cell phones.

According to the website of 9to5Googlealthough the platform had the opportunity to reach devices with operating system iOS and that dedicated tools were created for podcast administrators, the independent service would be close to disappearing to make way for a new experience from Youtube.

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For its part, the platform podnews released a report in which Google indicated that the platform Google Podcasts is working as expected present indicating that the removal of episodes as part of the results of search it is not a mistake of software of the company, rather it is intentional and planned.

Google Podcasts search results. (9to5Google)

Google Podcasts search results. (9to5Google)

“We are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the experience of our customers. users”, assured a representative of the company, so the migration and subsequent development of this format of contents could arrive to Youtube either in the form of an additional application as part of the list of platforms developed by Google or as an additional function incorporated into the system of the application of videos.

During the first months of the year 2022the video service of Google offered financing of $50,000 for individual podcasts and between $200,000 and $300,000 to finance podcast networks, in an additional sign of the platform’s interest in promoting this content as part of its offer.

Tips for producing successful podcasts on YouTube

Find a why and differentiate the content

Especially when you start in the creation of contentsbut also applicable in case the user is looking for a new way to generate audiences from other platforms, Youtube indicates that it is important to find a reason. Solving questions related to this objective will allow the creation of podcast of attractive videos.

Use Google and YouTube tools to get to know your audience

In addition to being up to date with the policies of Youtube for content publishing, an important resource for a content creator. contents, whether about podcasts or not, is the information about the audience that interacts with the videos of the channel or with the content of the platform in general. For that, the tools Google Trends Y YouTube Analytics They are helpful.

Presentation of content is a priority

As content creators, users should give importance to the way they present their videos to their audience starting from the way the thumbnails are made. According to YoutubeThese must accurately represent the content, have brightness, high contrast, and place a logo or differentiator in the corners.