Google pleads for public help to persuade Apple to adopt RCS


Google increases pressure on Apple to persuade it to adopt the RCS messaging protocol: it is a battle that the Mountain View giant has been carrying out for some time now, and which today sees the release of a new website – or rather, a dedicated page on the official Android site called “Get The Message”, in which summarizes in a schematic and simple way the reasons why the Apple should switch to the new technology, which, we recall, is open-source and Google has helped to develop.

Referred to as “SMS 2.0”, RCS (which stands for Rich Communication Services) implements in the classic “messaggino” all the most important features and innovations that we take for granted on instant messengers today: for example, the double check for the read receipt, the simplified sending of high resolution multimedia contents, end-to-end encryption and much more. Let’s say that if all mobile operating platforms supported RCS and operators did the same, there would be no need to download apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and so on – not that it would be banned, but a modern communication tool. and appropriate to the times it would already be pre-installed in your device.

iMessage works fine as long as everyone in a conversation is using iOS, but when an Android device enters the communication it has a “series B” experience, let’s say. For example, multimedia content is converted into archaic MMS, the quality of which is terrible by today’s standards, there are no read receipt indicators, sending messages over Wi-Fi often doesn’t work – even the choice of colors, the green speech bubble with white text is annoying to read. The list of disadvantages is much longer, and that’s what the site is for.

Google does what it can on its side, but its effectiveness is necessarily limited. Finally, the decision is in the hands of Apple, which so far has proved absolutely refractory to the idea. Google and many of its executives have explicitly and openly stated that this behavior is the result of a very specific strategy, which aims to discourage users from evaluating Android alternatives, especially if the majority of their most frequent contacts own iPhones and text mainly. on iMessage. Even Apple itself has confirmed that opening iMessage could prove harmful.

It should be noted that in our part of Italy the problem is much less felt, because we all use WhatsApp in general. But in North America iMessage is still the default for many. Through the new site, Google hopes to incentivize users to “talk” to Apple (mostly by using the #GetTheMessage hashtag on platforms like Twitter directly mentioning the official @Apple account), but it remains to be seen whether the Apple will decide to listen to this appeal or not. Given the situation, we feel reasonably skeptical …

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