Google Play will help you with apps that crash and stop working


Google Play will soon have a new feature that will save users time and some headaches.

Beyond the functions that we find within the Google store, we will have a plus with a new dynamic that will help us deal with the problems that applications usually present.

Google Play will help you deal with apps that crash or close unexpectedly

Surely you already have your kit of quick actions to implement when an app stops working. You know, the app crashes, crashes, freezes, etc.

However, even when we try everything, the app still does not work correctly and we can only hope that it will be solved over time. Google Play wants to help us in this task.

Sometimes the solution is simpler than we think, and updating the app to the latest version is all we need to get it working again. And if this solution did not cross your mind, Google Play will remind you with a push notification.

When it detects that an app fails, Google Play will show a notice suggesting the user to install the latest version available, with a message like this, as can be seen in the tweet he shares Mishaal Rahman:

Please update the app to fix bugs. The app has stopped working, but the latest app update may fix the problem. Install the update and then open the app again…

Of course, it will be an option that will only be visible if there is an update available. A practical dynamic that will save us from having to consult forums to see if other users are in the same situation, or having to apply different measures on the mobile to make the app work again.

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