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Google Play Store gets option to show only reviews of devices that are the same as the user

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O Google started releasing a new feature for the official app store of the android. THE Play Store has received an option so that the user can only see app reviews from people who have the same type of device.

That way, anyone using a regular smartphone, a foldable phone, tablet, Chromebook, Android Auto or a wearable will be able to filter the reviews from other users who also have the same type of Android device.

Now there is a warning nthe comments section of an app on the Play Store to let you know that the ratings have been “verified” and that the user is only viewing feedback from people using the same type of device.

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As the Android Police website pointed out, this feature was announced in August 2021 by Google and was scheduled to arrive in early 2022, but has only just begun to be released, when the company prepares to launch a tablet and a wearable.

The feature comes with the proposal to make life easier for Android users when deciding whether or not to install an application, given that more and more apps are spreading to even more formats. However, there are some caveats to the system.

Tablets and foldables are grouped under the same category. While this is probably not an issue for most people, the system can make things a little awkward in extreme cases.

It is worth noting that the separation is done by device type and not by the user’s specific model. It is also possible to change the filter to show other people’s comments, just go to the option with three lines that appear before the comments.

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