Google Play prepares changes in the design of the app. What news will come?

Brian Adam

Little by little, the ecosystem of Google applications is being updated to adapt to Material You, the new design language of the giant based in Mountain View. We have seen changes in Chrome OS, in Wear OS… And now it is the turn of the app store. In this way, and as the colleagues at 9to5Google have reported, it seems that some users are already receiving the corresponding update with which to adapt Google Play to Material You. It is true that in October of last year the Google application store received a first update to get closer to the new color scheme of the Mountain View-based giant. For example, the search bar adopted a more rounded or pill-shaped design. We also saw changes to the navigation bar and color theme. Now, Google Play Store will soon bring three Material You buttons. This will be the new design of the Google Play Store All thanks to the information of the guys from 9to5Google, who have investigated the latest APK and have seen these changes in the design of the Google application store and that it includes a new button that will replace the current ones with a rectangular design to adopt a more rounded style and with tones. On the other hand, we see that other elements will change their design within Google Play. For example, the Available Updates section, Installed Applications and the Manage Applications section have a rectangular design, probably because in this case they cannot adapt to the new pill design. Of course, we must have a little patience since we have no record of when the big G will launch the update that will adapt the design of Google Play to Material You. At the moment, all the published information has been obtained through the latest APK, investigating the source code of the app in order to see these new features. But at the moment this update cannot be downloaded. They may do so in the coming weeks or months, so the only thing we can do now is be patient and wait for the American company to release the corresponding update to the Google Play Store to offer a renewed design that will allow us to enjoy a more current style and according to the rest of the applications available in the Google ecosystem. Note that these changes will only be aesthetic, so you can rest assured that there will be no changes in the experience of using Google Play with its next update. >