Google Play Books has a new feature for kids learning to read

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Google Play Book is adding a new function designed for the little ones in the house who are learning to read.

This new feature will help them practice reading, improve vocabulary and comprehension of words. We tell you what it is about and how parents and children can use it.

New tool to practice reading

The new Google Play Book feature is called “Reading practice,” and it’s present in thousands of children’s ebooks within the app.

The objective is that children (from 0 to 8 years old) can use their dynamics to practice reading and increase vocabulary. To do this, the Google team has taken into account several details.

For example, children can use the device’s microphone to read aloud, and as they read, words will be highlighted in the text.

And if the little one doesn’t know how to pronounce a word, they just have to touch it on the device for the app to show them its pronunciation. A dynamic similar to that used in the Google translator. And if he can’t understand the pronunciation, or the word is long, he can ask to pronounce it in syllables.

Features to improve vocabulary and word comprehension

There is also the possibility to practice the difficult words at the end of the reading. On the other hand, this function can also give more context to the child’s reading. For example, the parent can ask for a definition adapted to the child’s age, if there is a word that is unknown or difficult to understand.

To find the books that have this function within the app you can use this filter, or look for the “Reading practice” badge in the ebook description.

One detail to keep in mind is that this “Reading practice” feature is only available in English, and the Google team has not mentioned when it will be extended to other languages.

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