Google plans the future of its AI: it will change its name and launch a new application

Google Gemini Bard AI

Artificial Intelligence is the future and this has been noted in large technology corporations. We first saw it with ChatGPT, from OpenAI, then Bing, from Microsoft, joined the party, and one of the latest to arrive has been Bard, from Google. In this context, the new plans for the Internet search engine par excellence have been put on the table, which will give your AI application a facelift Immediately.

If Google announced a few weeks ago the launch of a new function to create images through Bard, now the company plans completely change its nomenclature and project new applications to compete in the world of Artificial Intelligence against other companies in the sector, such as OpenAI and Microsoft.

Gemini replaces Bard

How did this news about Google’s future plans come about? According to a document shared by Android application developer, Dylan Roussel, through his official X (Twitter) account, Google is going all out with the inclusion of Gemini as the main Artificial Intelligence program to dominate the technological market. In this way, Bard will become history and now its language model will be centered on the original name.

Twitter user image

Dylan Roussel


Google added a new changelog for Bard, and — oh boy — it’s a big one!

The availability in Canada is awesome! That said I don’t really understand the limitations with the app. That’s disappointing as someone who lives in Europe.

Oh by the way… it’s real.

February 5, 2024 • 21:32



It is also mentioned that the tool with its own identity will be available for both iOS and Android users starting February 7, although only in English and on select devices located in the United States. Regarding its design, the interface will be completely renewed, presenting easier navigation, fewer visual distractions and, in general, a better user experience.

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«To chat with Gemini on Android, download the Gemini app on the Google Play Store. On iOS, try Gemini in the Google app»clarifies the company.

The new features of Google Gemini

The most fans of Artificial Intelligence will have at their disposal new and juicy functions that Google will launch on the launch day of Gemini. Among them, stands out a voice chat within the application and integration with other programs such as Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, etc., and they will be able to have a conversation with the chatbot through images, audio and text. Furthermore, Gemini is very more versatile to work with more complex taskssuch as coding, logical reasoning and creative collaboration, among others.

Likewise, an advanced membership of the Gemini application, which was already discussed in December 2023, will be available, and the technology giant will present the paid version Ultra 1.0.

In short, those from Mountain View have taken a big step towards content innovation and it has been a great success to get involved in an increasingly competitive sector, when we have only been developing Artificial Intelligence for two years. Starting this week we will see with our own eyes everything that the new Google Gemini application is capable of doing, what its attractions are, how it will impact our lives to become one of the most powerful AIs in the coming years. .