Google Pixel Tablet to final tests: the latest on specs

google pixel tablet to final tests: the latest on specs
google pixel tablet to final tests: the latest on specs

The project Google Pixel Tablet would be now defined. Developer – insider Kuba Wojciechowski learned that the Mountain View tablet that CEO Sundar Pichai also spoke about would enter the Engineering Validation Test o EVT, i.e. the one that is performed on prototypes to ensure that the product meets the initial objectives and specifications.

Joining EVT implies that, if significant problems do not arise that require substantial changes to the project, hardware and design of the production Pixel Tablet are already defined. If the insider’s confidence is well founded, let’s expect several more rumors in the coming weeks.


The first Pixel Tablet units would be sent to India for the EVT and for the first certifications. Along with the news of the transition to the EVT, the informant got some of the characteristic elements of Google Pixel Tablet:

  • display: 10.95 inches
  • space of archiving: 128 or 256 GB
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • standard support USES 2.0 for the pens.

For his tablet, Google would have made some bold enough choices, for example the absence of a GPS module, proximity sensor or barometer, not very useful on a device of this type. The budget saved even by preferring cameras with modest shooting quality (but not shooting) should be invested in the components that can enhance a tablet, such as the display or the chip, which should be the first generation Tensor of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro .

All for return in the wake of the philosophy of the Nexuswhich had so much success among the public:

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Remember what happened with Nexus 7? – CEO Pichai said in an interview in May. He created a new category of similarly priced tablets. That’s what we’re going to do with the Pixel Watch and then the Pixel Tablet – they’ll be of great help to the Android ecosystem in their respective categories.