Google Pixel Fold will be a reality in 2023, according to a well-known analyst

google pixel fold imagenes conceptuales 1 1000x600.jpg
google pixel fold imagenes conceptuales 1 1000x600.jpg

The Google Pixel Fold continues to generate many doubts. This is the name by which the first smartphone with flexible panel that the Mountain View giant will launch, and that according to previous rumors it would have been delayed on numerous occasions for various reasons, that is, not because of a simple market issue, nor because of the current economic situation, there are other reasons behind it that unfortunately we don’t know

All in all, it seems that the wait will soon come to an end, as long as the prediction made by analyst Ross Young turns out to be correct. This points out that the launch of the Google Pixel Fold will take place in the first quarter of 2023, and this is not a random prediction, this is supported by information that Young has obtained from various sources within the industry. This means that even though it is unofficial and unconfirmed, it has high credibility.

Taking a look at the history that the Google Pixel Fold drags, we see that su launch was initially planned for 2021, something that obviously did not happen. Rumors later emerged pointing to a launch in 2022, but it ended up being delayed because theoretically it was not at the level of its direct rival, the Galaxy Z Fold3, both in terms of performance and user experience. Now, according to the data provided by Ross Young, its new release date is set for the first quarter of 2023, that is, between January and March of that year.

Google Pixel Fold

As a consequence of all these delays, we can take it for granted that the Google Pixel Fold will have gone through “body and paint” several times, which means that the final model that will arrive, in theory, in 2023 could come with changes at the design level, and also with a new set of more powerful components than those of the model previously planned for 2021. We do not have many details, unfortunately , but everything seems to indicate that it will be smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, that it will have a 120 Hz screen and that it will use a new much more powerful SoC.

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Other important keys, such as its design and its sale price, have not yet transpired, but in general we hope that it starts from a similar approach to the Galaxy Z Fold3 and that it has a price of less than 1,500 euros, although the latter could change due to the strength of the dollar. It is not clear if its commercialization will be international or if it will be limited to certain markets.