Google Pixel Fold, some displays are already failing

google pixel fold, some displays are already failing
google pixel fold, some displays are already failing


The initial deliveries of Google Pixel Fold, the very first folding smartphone of the Mountain View company, have just begun, but reports of display failures. The Case of Ron Amadeo by Ars Technica, therefore, is not entirely isolated: the author, we recall, had found himself with a completely KO display after just a few days of testing. A brief inspection with a magnifying glass revealed a very small piece of debris in the channel between the edge of the display and the plastic casing, and this is probably what caused the damage: the pressure caused by closing the device was enough to break the delicate circuitry. Here is a brief summary of the other more egregious reports:

  • A user on Reddit also reports imperfections in the same area that most likely caused Amadeo’s unit to fail, namely the “channel” between edge and protective film. The display works for now, but what are described as dents are already visible in two or three places, in the right condition of light and reflection. Below are the sample images posted by the user even if by his own admission it is a very difficult defect to capture with the camera.


  • Another user reports instead that after only 5 hours of use the protective film is already starting to detach, and some scratches appear on the actual display. On the instructions of Google technical support, the user removed the protective film and this caused others to appear significant defects on the displayas you can see from the images below, the conclusion of the support was that the display is defective and the unit will need to be replaced.
  • Another user always on Reddit reports the appearance of a permanent pink horizontal line in the middle of the display after just a couple of hours of use. Before the line became permanent, it had popped up a couple of times for a few brief moments.


  • Also Allison Johnson of The Verge reported the appearance of a scratch on the internal protective film after only a week of use. It’s not a very serious fact in itself, but it certainly doesn’t inspire optimism about the longevity of the component.

It is correct to point out that pixel fold is not the only foldable with problems of this type. Similar scenarios had also occurred at the debut of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. Unfortunately, the root of the problem always remains the same: the flexible displays used in this type of smartphone are still extremely fragile and delicate. Now it will be important to understand How Google will help its customers.

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