Google Pixel Fold, in-depth camera test on DxOMark

google pixel fold, in depth camera test on dxomark
google pixel fold, in depth camera test on dxomark


As we saw yesterday, the first reviews of Google’s foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold, have begun to arrive on the web. Today we bring you a slightly more specific one, namely that of DxOMark colleagues who focus mainly on the camera. The device comes out just fine: it is placed twenty-eighth in the overall standings, despite the fact that it is one of the more expensive products. After all, it is a recurring theme when it comes to leaflets, which inevitably have to make some quality compromises on the camera and battery for reasons of space.

Specifically, the smartphone is on a par with the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, Pixel 7a, Samsung Galaxy S23 and its Plus variant. To have a minimum “in-house” reference, it is worth noting that the Pixel 7 Pro is in seventh position, Pixel 7 in fourteenth, Pixel 6 Pro in twenty-sixth, and Pixel 6 in forty-seventh. There are few direct comparisons with devices of the same category: the ranking only includes Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is in fifty-fifth position. The list of pros and cons includes:

Good exposure in most conditionsGood dynamic range and neutral white balance in both outdoor and indoor photosEffective video stabilizationFast and precise autofocus, zero shutter lag ensures quick captures

Unstable exposure and white balance in videosBackground noise in subjects rather high in case of low light and light coming from behindLoss of detail in low lightDepth estimation errors and unpleasant blur gradient in bokeh modeUnwanted artifacts in images including ghosting, judder and blending

The source also provides a more general pros and cons list, a more traditional sort of review that examines all aspects of the device:

Great camera for landscapesPleasant sound from the built-in speakersThe microphones are very good at cutting down wind and handling noiseGood color fidelity in all lighting conditions tested, and good brightness reproduction fidelityGood handling of HDR10 in videos

Camera not suitable for portraitsAudio zoom feature disappointingAudio distortion and compression at high volumes, both in recording and playbackNot very wide stereo panorama, especially considering the size of the device when openPoor display brightness after a few minutes outdoorsOccasional slowdowns when browsing the Internet

We take this opportunity to recall the main technical specifications of the photographic sector of the device – which, we recall, is not officially sold in Italy, at least for the moment.

  • rear cameras:
    • 48 MP main, quad-pixel with 0.8um pixels, 1/2″ sensor, f/1.7, FOV 82°
    • 10.8 MP ultra wide angle, 1.25um pixels, 1/3″ sensor, f/2.2, FOV 121.1°
    • 10.8 MP telephoto, dual-pixel with 1.22um pixels, 1/3.1″ sensor, f/3.05, FOV 21.9°, 5x optical zoom
  • internal front: 8MP, 1.12um pixels, f/2.0, FOV 84°
  • external front: 9.5MP dual pixel with 1.22um pixels, f/2.2, FOV 84°
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