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Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro FCC Certified: UWB Pro Only | Rumor

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It seems that googles-pressure-campaign-for-apple-to-adopt-the-rcs-standard/">Google’s next top-of-the-line smartphones, the pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, have just passed the FCC. In total there are four units certified, but there are only two FCC IDs for four model codes: it is possible that it is the international variant and the one specific to the Japanese market – the thesis comes from the fact that last year, with Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, exactly the same thing had happened.

In any case, the certification, as usual, does not reveal particularly significant details on the two Google smartphones, however there is something interesting to report. GP4BC and GE2AE are believed to be the two Pixel 7 Pros – the main difference between the two is in 5G connectivity. The former only has Sub-6, while the latter adds mmWave. Smooth Pixel 7, on the other hand, is represented by GVU6C and GQML3. Here, too, the Sub-6 / mmWave difference is noticeable. Since these are wireless certifications, another interesting information also comes out: only the two Pixel 7 Pros offer support for the UWB protocol (Ultra-Wideband).

Google has already previewed the two smartphones this spring during the annual I / O 2022 conference, highlighting some significant updates to the design (the Camera Bar is now included in a self-contained aluminum structure, whereas previously it was all glass, for example. ) and just confirming a technical specification, however important – the presence of a second generation Tensor proprietary chip. We already have an idea for the colors too: the ones common to both models will be Obsidian and Snow, then there will be one exclusive to each model – Lemongrass for the Pixel 7 and Hazel for the Pixel 7 Pro.

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According to the latest rumors, Pixel 7 Pro will have an updated camera with a new Samsung sensor for telephoto, while Pixel 7 will also allow you to record videos in 4K from the front camera. Pre-orders for the two devices are expected to begin on October 6, at least in the United States; deliveries could begin a week later, on 13 October. It is interesting to observe that the elusive Pixel 7 Ultra, which has been rumored for a few days already, does not seem to have been spotted.

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