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Google Pixel 6A, modification for 90Hz display is on standby

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The project to unlock the 90Hz mode of the display of Pixel 6A got a little stuck: Nathan “TheLuxinarius” Brooke, the developer who has dealt with it so far, has announced that he has abandoned it for a variety of reasons, including lack of time and the sale of the smartphone itself. There are two good news, however: first, all the work done so far has been made open-source, with an open invitation to other willing developers to take over; second, already in its current state the modification is usable, if only in certain conditions.

The main problem to solve is that with the 90 Hz mode active the display shows a green halo: according to the developer this happens “only” with the brightness set to intermediate values ​​between the minimum and maximum, but it is naturally a rather significant limitation in terms of usability (and inevitably also precludes the use of automatic brightness). Brooke says this green halo is a classic problem with poorly calibrated OLED panels; “I know it’s totally possible to override the calibration table but I don’t have time to work on it”.

Note: Green tint is not fixed, this is why we never released it officially, you won’t notice green tint on max and lowest brightness, only in the middle, my hope is other devs can figure out how to overwrite the gamma table and finish this off, the rest is stable.

— Nathan (@TheLunarixus) December 10, 2022


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However, that’s not the only hurdle still to be overcome. Meanwhile, the process of installing the modification is still downright complicated, and then again it is not entirely clear if there is a concrete effect on usability of the device. Third-party developers fear the possibility that Google has also implemented a software refresh lock, or that the mode actually works only on some units. If it is not supported by either Google or Samsung (which actually produces the panel), there is even a real possibility of causing damage to the component.

In short, there are still many unknowns and significant risks. A suitable bread for the teeth of the most daring geeks. We hope to receive updates over the next few months!

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