Google Photos will help you manage storage with this new feature


Google Photos is one of the favorite applications to store and organize our photos. However, since the free storage option was removed, managing photos in the library has become a bit tricky.

If you don’t want to check out and pay for a Google subscription, you’ll have to take care of the photos and videos you upload to your Photos account, as storage can run out quickly.

The Google team wants to make it a little easier for you with a new feature coming to the Photos app. We tell you what it is about.

How to recover storage space in Google Photos

Google Photos has different aids to manage the storage space of our account, and make the most of it.

Not only does it tell you how much MB or GB you have in use, but it also gives you an estimate of “how many years or months of storage” you have left, taking into account how often you back up to your Google Photos account.

On the other hand, it also recommends content that you can review and delete. For example, screenshots, large photos and videos, blurred photos, among other suggestions. And now a new option has been added to Google Photos so you know how much space you’re recovering when you send photos and videos to the trash.

Google Photos will tell you how much storage you recover using the trash

Google Photos has a new option that will help you recover storage by calculating how much space you recover with the files you choose to delete in the trash.

That is, when you choose any photo or video to trash, Google Photos will tell you how much space you’re reclaiming in your account along with the confirmation question “Remove from your Google account and any other device that has the copy of it?” security activated?

A dynamic that you can use with a single file or with a group. While it seems like a minor change, it will save you from having to do mental math, or constantly checking how much space you still have available when you’re on the brink of filling up your account storage.

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