Google Photos: these mobile version tools are finally coming to the web, but on one condition

google photos these mobile version tools are finally coming to.jpg
google photos these mobile version tools are finally coming to.jpg

Google is adding a set of new tools to the web version of Google Photos, its photography storage and sharing service. Although for the most part these features are inherited from those found in the mobile app, you will need to get your hands on the wallet to use them on your computer.

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Google officially announced on his blog that as of today, “the Google One members will be able to benefit from additional editing functions on devices with 4 GB RAM and an updated browser. Originally limited to mobile applications, improved editing functions can now be used on your computer “.

These new features should particularly appeal to lovers of beautiful images, here is a detailed list :

  • the tool “Portrait Lighting” (Portrait light) adjusts the position and intensity of a light source on portraits
  • the tool ” Vague “ (Blur) adjusts the sharpness of the background
  • Click on ” Sky “ will let you “choose from multiple palettes and adjust the color and contrast of the sky”
  • THE “Color focus” allows you to desaturate the background of a photograph while keeping the foreground in color
  • Use “HDR” to improve image brightness and contrast for a more balanced photo

Google Photos for the web adds new features only available to Google One subscribers

To take advantage of these very practical tools, you must therefore subscribe to Google Onea monthly or annual subscription service that offers cloud storage space (from 100 GB to 2 TB), exclusive photo editing tools such as the “Magic Eraser” in Google Photos, video calling features advanced with Google Workspace Premium, a VPN, among other benefits and security tools.

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Google is constantly improving the capabilities of its photo storage and sharing service. By making access to the latest tools conditional on subscription to Google One, the Mountain View firm hopes to attract ever more users to its online offer.

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