Google Photos is updated with two great new features: group identical photos and reminders in Calendar

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809429927 237566452 1200x630.jpg

There is a very typical action that is done with screenshots to remember events or even an invoice and it has to do with reminders.

Since the end of October, some details have been known about the new Google Photos feature called stacked photos. It is just one of the two new features that the technology giant is beginning to deploy. The other It has to do with the screenshots that are usually taken to remember a meeting or event and Google Calendar itself.

The first novelty was already known in part a few weeks ago and allows us to group similar photos in the bookstore automatically. That is, the stacked photos will appear as is, although it will have to be activated according to a Reddit user who has been able to test this new Google Photos functionality.

Stacked photos are a very special feature For users who frequently take photos of the same scene to finally choose one that is the best. The thing about these types of shots is that they eventually generate a lot of similar photos; And just if they are not deleted, they accumulate in the internal storage of the mobile.

Stacked photos from Google Photos

This Reddit user has not provided any further information and It is not even known how many photographs can be submitted. from the stacked function, but it was previously known that when you click on this functionality the main one is automatically chosen. Once in this window with the main photo, you can select one manually.

In fact, there is a function that allows you to delete some stacked photos, so Google has more or less given the basic options to customize this type of photos that are distinguished on the home screen of the app with a simple icon. The most important thing about this new feature is that it is available to all Google Photos users.

Here Google Photos is taking a very typical action to Google calendar from a smartphone: take a screenshot of an event or meeting so you don’t forget it. In fact, the screenshot is used to save important things and it is easy to return to it or those that have been taken.

It is precisely the other novelty of Photos with reminders that are integrated with Google Calendar. From TheSpAndroid, according to 9to5Googleit is clarified that the app has been working for a while in this new functionality to almost activate it in the new updates released in the Google Play Store.

The novelty of Google Photos and Google Calendar

In version 6.61 you can see the new feature that when viewing a photo or image A new button is added that reads ‘set a reminder’ and that accompanies many others such as Google Lens or contextual shortcuts.

The curious thing is that this option appears in images that include texts and dates, more than in all mobile images. That is, Google scans them beforehand to locate the button to use the notification function. Now, when you click on this button, a window appears that allows you to set a reminder on Google Calendar which includes a link to the source image in Google Photos.

Which means that when the reminder is activated You can click on that link to directly access the image in Google Photos. A simple way to quickly link going to an event with that capture taken with its location or any important information necessary for it.

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