Google Photos has an awesome new way to recognize people

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Google Photos offers a great way to organize your library thanks to the incredibly useful face tagging feature. Currently, it is already quite powerful, due to the fact that it can recognize people’s faces, even when they were babies. Well, the Mountain View company is improving its capabilities to be able to identify someone, even without seeing their face. As reported by Android Authority, the app’s facial tagging capabilities have begun to recognize who someone is using just the back of their head. An example is even shown in which with the neck of a person the development of Google was able to label it without problems. An outrage in the progress of this application. An important advance to have everything organized in Google Photos It is believed that the application could be creating a model of the head of each person based on previously captured photos and videos where this part of the head can be seen. It is also indicated that it could simply be that Google Photos is associating the images with others taken in the same period of time that allow people to be seen in full. However, there is a downside. The new face tagging does not automatically tag the person. Instead, it just shows “face available to add” in the card that appears when you swipe up on an image. By using this, you can confirm if the person is really the same as the app suggests. Despite its usefulness, the feature apparently only works on 80-85% of the photos the new recognition was tested on. Given how difficult it could be to recognize people without seeing their face, that’s a pretty significant accuracy rate. Testing this option in the app we found that it worked for some of the photos taken of my friends with their backs turned. The results were a little more varied, with a success rate less than the one mentioned above, but which, to be sure, as a starting possibility is really good and quite useful. It’s not clear if this is a new feature in Google Photos that has arrived without warning, but if one thing is for sure, it’s that the company that owns Android is always looking to make its gallery app even smarter. One example is that the upcoming Magic Editor feature promises to be a monstrous expansion of the Magic Eraser feature we’ve seen on Pixel phones – the app has even just added the ability to manually create Cinematic Photos with just a few taps. >

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