Google Photos deploys the most anticipated feature: grouped photos finally arrive on Android

google photos deploys the most anticipated feature grouped photos finally.webp.webp.webp
google photos deploys the most anticipated feature grouped photos finally.webp.webp.webp

The technology giant’s image service acts as both an application and a cloud. We are talking about Google Photos, chosen by many Android users as a gallery app. This one continues to be updated and adding new features To take advantage of the capabilities of the operating system, see support for the new photo picker.

But it not only lives off its relationship with Android, but independently of it, it expands its horizons, as happened with the announcement of grouped photos. In November, we met the ‘Photo Stacks‘, some groupings of similar images that would help us better organize our library. After weeks waiting for its debut, we can say that they have finally landed.

Google Photos says “enough” to repeated photos

It is curious to see the evolution that Google Photos has undergone, its many changes, such as saying goodbye to unlimited and free storage. Now it focuses on features that make life easier for users. We learned about one of these last summer, when the Photos image editor left the mobile phone to reach the web.


The next step of this service and application has already arrived. ‘Photo Stacks‘ was announced last November but so far we haven’t seen it in action. The Mountain View company has used Artificial Intelligence to make this feature come to light, and it is that will automatically organize similar looking images.

Specifically, what Google tells us is that it will help “organize similar photos that were taken together” in a “short amount of time.” Yes, it will be great on those occasions when we press the camera shutter to get different shots. Until now, if we wanted to clean up repeated photos, we had to do it manually one by one.

However, with the arrival of these stacks of photos, Google will automatically group them so that only a single image in the grid from the gallery. These grouped elements appear in the general tab, the “Photos” tab, where a number and an icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.

In this way, it will indicate to us that this grouping has occurred. By tapping on it, all the images contained in a carousel will appear, through which we can move. Here there is a 2×2 button that change the carousel to a gridwhere the options will allow us to delete photos from the collection or keep only one.

On the other hand, this function can be deactivated: through the vertical menu with the three dots, where we will see the option to activate or deactivate “Stack similar photos”. And of same away, can be sharedchoosing either “selected items only” or the entire stack of images.

Don’t you think the grouping he made is correct? You can unstack them to see them individually again in the gallery. Remember that this type of additions are added in stages, so you might have to wait a few more days or weeks. At least we know it’s already in circulation.

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