Google Photos debuts a new collage editor, improves memories and more

Google Photos is receiving a new update with which it will expand and improve its capabilities, so if you are a user of this Internet giant service, this information is of interest to you.

It is true that perhaps Google Photos lived better days at the audience level when it was completely free and without limits, something that ended definitively a little over a year ago. Despite this, it is still one of the most popular services in its category a bit by force, since it is included with each Google account and few users get rid of swallowing the application on Android.

This being the case, it must also be recognized that despite its limits or how pernicious it is for personal privacy to use everything that Google produces, Photos is a first-class service that enjoys great popularity due to its functionality and that the company strives to improve slowly, but steadily. And, as an example, this update that all its users are already receiving.

According to the Google blog, with this update that is already being distributed among Android users first, iOS later and the web application last, functions such as memories, image presentation or styles, this is , sharing and editing capabilities take a remarkable leap forward.

This is the case of memories, those photos and, from time to time, videos, which the application usually highlights in the header of the same. From now on it will include even more, presented as stories as before, but with more videos, regardless of their length, setting some photos to music and promoting “cinematic photos”a function that applies a 3D movement effect and that was already present, but that is going to become more relevant because… because it is very cool, why fool ourselves.

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Another way to create colorful memories from your own material is “styles”, a new feature of Google Photos that, based on templates from artists who have collaborated with Google, will allow you to create a kind of scrapbook with an assistant.

Something similar happens with the collage, with a redesigned editor to facilitate the task and a result always very attractive. This new editor will allow you to choose the images, the design including the aforementioned styles, organize everything with drag and drop, edit the images on the fly, etc. For Google One paying users, in addition, the customization possibilities are expanded with more designs or options.

And if you like all this and want to share it with your loved ones, what would an advertiser say, Google Photos has also improved the sharing function and in addition to photos and videos, you can share your memoriess in the form you have given them.

here we are: whether you’re a free plan user or a paid user, learn how to manage Google Photos storage to hurry the available space. It is very easy and worth doing.