Google Photos brings new editing features in its web version

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Google Photos is bringing a series of advanced editing tools in its web version.

These are functions that we already found in the app, so they are not new, but now the possibility of using these tools from the computer is opening up.

So beyond the basic options to edit our photos, we can give our content an interesting touch, without going through third-party tools.

Advanced editing features in the web version of Google Photos

Google Photos usually surprises with new editing functions in its mobile app, taking away the prominence of the web version. However, in its latest update the dynamics change.

Now we find some of its popular editing tools in the app in the web version. As mentioned by the google team on your Twitter account, now users will find Color Pop, Dynamic, Portrait Light, HDR, and Blur features in their accounts.

So if you prefer to edit your photos from your computer, you can count on these functions from the web version of Google Photos. The dynamic is the same that is already applied in the app.

For example, with the Portrait Light function you can change the light source in the photo. Just by moving the selector in the photo you can mark where the light comes from so that it illuminates, for example, your face in a selfie. And of course, you can specify the intensity of the light.

That way, you can give it a normal look by marking another light source, even if that’s not how the camera captured it. And if you’re used to editing from your PC, using this tool may be easier for you than moving your finger across the screen indicating the exact point for editing.

While this is new good news for those who like Google Photos, there are two things to keep in mind. For one thing, this Google Photos update will only benefit users with Google One subscriptions.

And on the other hand, to use these functions of Google Photos you need to have an updated web browser and a computer that has at least 4GB of RAM.

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