Google paid $360 million to block Activision’s app store, according to Epic

Google paid $360 million to block Activision's app store, according to Epic

Google paid a millionaire amount to Activision Blizzard and Riot Games so that the developers do not create app stores for android, according to a court document drawn up by Epic Games. As analyzed by Bloomberg on Thursday (17), the amount paid by big tech would be approximately US$ 360 million.

The document is part of a long antitrust dispute between Epic Games and Google, in which the game developer that created Fortnite accuses big tech of performing anticompetitive practices with the Play Store, the official Android app store. The company claims in its indictment that the payment took place over three years.

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The period would have coincided with the time when Activision planned to create a game store for Android devices. “Google understood that its agreement effectively ensured that Activision abandoned its plans to launch a competing app store, and Google intended this outcome,” the complaint states.

Epic Games adds that, in March 2020, Google also entered into an agreement with Riot Games – famous for signing League of Legends – with the payment of US$ 30 million so that the game developer would not create its own game store. apps. Tencent declined to comment on the matter.

Google and Activision reacted to the accusations

In email to Bloomberga Google spokesperson claimed that Epic Games had distorted the nature of its deals with Activision and Riot Games.

Big tech adds that the program associated with these deals for games for Android phones and tablets — known as “Project Hug” — was designed to give developers incentives and provide early access to new apps directly on the Play Store, so the deal would be oblivious to the existence of third-party stores.

Activision treats Epic Games’ allegations as “absurd”. “We confirm that Google never asked us or pressured us or made us agree not to compete with the app store,” said a spokesman for the game developer, which has been in the process of being acquired by Microsoft since January 2022.

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