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Google officially presents its new Nest Hub with improved sleep manager

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Although yesterday morning we were already echoing the leak of an online store and the possible arrival, imminent, of a second generation of Nest Hub, Google a few hours later took the mystery out of the matter by making it official that this device exists and that they already have it for sale in some countries. Because nothing else, but those of Mountain View remain faithful to their policy of having first and second markets and, unfortunately in the case of Spain, we belong to the latter.

Be that as it may, the new second-generation Nest Hub will hardly change its external appearance offering the same size and shapes and even elements inherited from the original model, which still do not have the presence of a camera on the front and which has become essential in these times of coronavirus, restriction measures and video calls to family and friends. If we want this feature, We will have to buy the Max model (which is not for sale in Spain) or the one offered by brands such as Lenovo.

Focused on health and rest

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This second generation of the Nest Hub goes a step further than the previous model in a section that Google left aside while waiting for updates. It is about everything that has to do with digital well-being, rest and health, which takes on a very special role in this new personal assistant. Even so, it does not lose a single of its extra functionalities such as the presence of music services thanks to specific connections for YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora. The sound is another aspect that improves, thanks to a 50% increase in the bass tones of the speaker system, which will make the series and movies that we can continue to watch through Netflix sound better. Disney +, etc. In addition, we can start or stop the playback of content with gestures in front of the screen.

But as we said before, it is the rest suite that gives greater prominence to the hours of rest that we invest every night and that do not always repair the well-being we need. That is why the new Nest Hub incorporates the so-called Sleep Sensing, which will make it easier for us to understand how we sleep and will give us advice to improve the quality of our rest.

To do this, the Nest Hub will use, according to Google, Soli low-energy radar technologies, capable of “analyze how the person closest to the screen sleeps, based on their movement and breathing, all without a camera or a portable device. “The assistant will be able to” detect sleep disturbances such as coughing and snoring, or changes in light and temperature in the room thanks to the integrated microphones […] and the ambient light and temperature sensors, so that it is possible to better understand what is affecting your sleep. “We can consult this function every morning by launching a single voice command:” Ok Google, how did I sleep last night? “

At the moment, this second-generation Nest Hub is only available in the US, Australia, UK, France, Canada and Germany at a price of 99 dollars (it will be the same in euros when it arrives in Spain).

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