Google Nexus comes back to life to promote the Pixel 6 on the day of iPhone 13 as more features leak

Google Nexus Pixel 6
google nexus comes back to life to promote the pixel

Today has been the big day of Apple, the apple brand has lent its new iPhone 13 and Google He did not want to miss the opportunity to remind us that in a few weeks he will announce his new Pixel 6.

If a few days ago I launched a new video ad now we see how has fought back on Twitter resurrecting the account of Google Nexus After almost four years abandoned, and does it to promote his new Pixel 6 to his more than one million followers.

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Google Nexus is back on Twitter

To give greater visibility to the Pixel 6 announcement, the company has decided to bring the account of @GoogleNexus to say in a tweet simply “I’d wait for # Pixel6”, which in Spanish is “I would wait for the Pixel 6” with clear reference to the launch of the iPhone 13.

Google Nexus Pixel 6

The GoogleNexus account had been abandoned since October 2017, since that time the company uses the new account @MadebyGoogle to promote their new devices, but in all this time has less than half the followers of GoogleNexus, so it has been smart to resurrect this account to have a bigger impact.

New promotional image of the Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel 6 Pro

Google has also taken the opportunity to update the promotional page of the Pixel 6 of the Google Store, publishing a new promotional image of the Pixel 6 Pro, where we can see it in its white color, but this is not all we also have new details of this model.

New leaked features

From XDA-Developers they exclusively publish what would be some of the specifications and characteristics of the Pixel 6 Pro, the most complete Google high-end for this 2021-2022. The filtered features are:

  • 3120 x 1440 display with 120 Hz refresh, with low power options at 10 Hz and 30 Hz
  • Samsung Exynos 5123 Modem
  • Ultra wide band support
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Google Tensor CPU: 2-2-4 octacore design, 2.8GHz, 2.25GHz, 1.8GHz.
  • 12 GB of RAM with a Mali-G78 GPU
  • 128GB base storage, no MicroSD card
  • Fingerprint sensor under the screen
  • 5000 mAh battery with wireless shared battery
  • Rear cameras: Samsung 50MP, Sony 12MP wide angle, Sony 48MP 4X telephoto
  • Camera software includes “baby mode” and motion blur removal capability
  • 12 MP Sony front camera
  • Back touch gesture support
  • Not compatible with Active Edge
Pixel 6 Pro

These screenshots are supposedly from the Pixel 6 Pro

They have also published some supposed screenshots of the Pixel 6 Pro that show that like the Pixel 5 it will be compatible with ‘Battery Share’ to wirelessly charge other devices, in addition to displaying their gesture settings and display settings that would confirm the 120 Hz.

Via | XDA-Developers
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