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Google, new Chromecast in the works | Rumor

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A new Chromecast-with-google-tv/">Chromecast with Google TV is in development: colleagues from 9to5google who say they’ve found clues in the latest beta version of the Google Home app. The details are really scarce: only the code name has emerged, which is YTC and is credible if we consider those of the two models released so far:

  • YTV: The first Chromecast with google tv released in 2020
  • YTB: The Chromecast with Google TV HD released a few months ago

Since the economic model is fresh from the presentation, it is It is reasonable to expect a slightly higher-end product, but at the moment it can only be guessed. Above all, the Chromecast 2020 has two important flaws: a USB port for connecting accessories and peripherals (there is a Type-C port, but it is used for power) and little internal storage space. It is also very easy to hypothesize an upgrade of the SoC and wireless connectivity standards.

We remind you that with this product Google has gone further into the territory of the real smart TV stick, Amazon Fire style, equipping the Chromecast with a most complete and versatile operating system (precisely Google TV, a derivative of Android TV) compared to the previous Cast OS. In all of this it remains unclear why Google persists in carrying forward two operating systems for the TV world, given that Android TV has not been abandoned. In any case, for the moment we acknowledge the existence of this new device and await further details.

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