Google Messages will add new options to manage conversations

google mensajes.jpg
google mensajes.jpg

The Google Messages app could become more practical in the future with a new update.

Although it has a combination of features that make it easy to manage messages, it can still improve some details of its dynamics. We tell you what the new options that could be implemented in this Google app are about.

Google Messages will suggest actions for your messages

Google Messages has an interesting combination of features that allow us to keep conversations under control. Although it is very far from the dynamics offered by messaging apps, it has the basic options to manage messages.

For example, it allows you to keep personal messages separate from those that belong to advertising. And on the other hand, in one of the latest tests, a new dynamic was being experimented with that allows users to pin important messages so as not to lose sight of them.

And Google may add new options in the future so that the app becomes more “intelligent”. As mentioned in 9to5Google, the application could add suggested actions in certain messages.

That is, taking into account the context of the message, it could suggest certain actions. For example, if it detects that a message is important, it could suggest that we highlight or pin it to the top of the app. Or he may suggest that we schedule a message. So instead of sending the message right away, the app will offer the options to schedule the message for a specific date and time.

One detail to keep in mind is that all these options were found when analyzing the APK of the app, so there are signs that Google is working on these dynamics. However, it does not mean that they will be implemented soon or that they will reach the stable version of the app.