Google Messages prepares to enable end-to-end encryption for RCS chat messages

Google Messages prepares to enable end-to-end encryption for RCS chat messages

Almost a year ago, Google announced that it would take the end-to-end encryption to your application Messages to offer the same privacy and security as WhatsApp, protecting messages so that they cannot be intercepted by third parties.

That encryption seems to be already around the corner, and is that a developing version of the application Google messages already hides this measure in its source code Privacy & Security.

End-to-end encryption in Google Messages

A leaked internal “dogfood” version of Google Messages 6.2 (APK Mirror) already includes references to end-to-end encryption for chat messages. The messaging application will only encrypt RCS messages, leaving SMS and MMS unprotected.

In the future, which we hope will be close, Google Messages will encrypt chat messages so that they cannot be intercepted and read by third parties, but the application will also give us the possibility to allow other applications to access the encrypted messages from the end. to extreme.

End-to-end encryption will only work if both people are chatting from Google Messages. The RCS protocol is standard, with which you can chat from other applications such as the native message application of Huawei or Samsung, but if you chat from the Google application you will have extra functions, such as this future privacy protection.

Google wants to offer consumers a real alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram or iMessage, among other applications that have offered end-to-end encryption for years and that many consumers now consider essential for their communications.

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