Google Messages increasingly useful and “intelligent”: new feature coming soon


Google Messages is about to become even more proactive, integrated with the other tools and apps installed on our Android smartphone and ready to make our (digital) life a little less complicated. For example, we know that a set of quick replies to incoming messages are available, suggested on the basis of the content of the message itself, and recently we have seen some important implementations such as the possibility of separating personal from business messages (Personal And Business in the US, for the moment). Now the teardown of the latest beta carried out by 9to5Google shows the possible news coming in the not too distant future.

Soon Google will be able to interpret the content of the message received and, based on this, propose to the user certain actions: if the algorithm believes that the message is important, the suggestion to mark it as Special will appear next to it clicking on a star. For example, the user may receive a suggestion for a message containing a phone number, email or address.In this case, the user decides to follow Google’s suggestion by clicking on the star: now the message is marked as important and in the future it can be found more easily within the app.

In other words, the tool being developed would have the function of make it easier to find important content, without getting lost in long lists of messages with the risk of not finding what you need. Google yes would limit to show the suggestion, then obviously it will be up to the user to decide whether or not to mark that particular message.

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