Google Meet updates PiP mode so you don’t lose the most important features

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If you are one of those who activates PiP mode when you are in a Google Meet video call, it will help you to have the new features that the latest update brings.

Beyond having the basic Meet options, when you’re in PiP mode you’ll be able to access some of its most important features. We tell you the news.

How to use PiP mode in Google Meet

Google Meet has long had support for PiP (Picture in Picture) in the Chrome web browser. This allows users to perform other tasks in the browser while following the video call or meeting from the floating window.

So just by selecting “Open Picture in Picture” the user will not be stuck in the tab where the Google Meet session is open, but will be able to navigate to any browser tab.

And although in PiP mode, Google Meet does not maintain all the functions, it allows us to have a mosaic with up to 4 users and the possibility of disabling the video, muting it or ending the video call. More than enough to work as a team on different files or online documents while we hold a meeting with the rest of the members.

More Google Meet features in PiP mode

The Google team further enhances this dynamic with new features for PiP mode in Meet from Chrome. As can be seen in its latest update, more functions are added so that you don’t have to go to the normal window to perform certain actions.

For example, if you want to use the “raise hand” icon, you can do it directly from PiP mode. Or if you want to turn closed captioning on or off, or use chat to communicate with the rest of the participants while the meeting is going on.

Additionally, Google makes it easy to customize the size of the PiP mode floating window to suit your preferences. And of course, all the PiP mode options that we mentioned before are maintained.

So if you are one of those who is always in multitasking mode all the time, it will be useful to activate PiP mode when you start a meeting in Google Meet, since it will give you freedom to move around the browser without losing functions in the video call.

This update to Google Meet in Chrome will be available in the coming weeks to all users with personal Google accounts.

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