Google Meet brings new features to share documents from chat


Google Meet continues to improve its integration with the rest of Google services.

In addition to allowing you to join a Meet call from a document or presentation, it now adds a new option that makes it easier to work as a team. We tell you what this novelty is about.

So you can work on a document as a team with Google Meet

A few months ago, the Google team announced that it would be possible to join a Google Meet call from Slides, Docs, and Sheets. An option that it is possible to activate from the same menu of the file in which we are working, so we will not have to complicate ourselves with too many options.

So it is a dynamic that saves us several steps. And what’s more, it allows everyone who joins the meeting to collaborate on work while communicating on the call.

This allows you to maintain workflow when working remotely, or adopting a hybrid work model. And now the Google team improves this dynamic even further with a new update.

From now on, it will be possible to share the document or file directly in the Google Meet chat. This will allow attendees to open the file on their computers, either for reading or for collaboration.

And of course, this dynamic will depend on the permissions that the owner has enabled for document collaboration. But as we see in the image above, teamwork from Google Meet continues to be simplified.

We will be able to be connected with our team through Meet without having to leave the file interface. And this is not the only novelty that the Google team has announced. As we told you in a previous article, Gmail is improving searches in its web version with more relevant results.

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