Google Maps will prevent you from getting lost in Madrid and 80 other cities on your next Christmas vacation

google maps will prevent you from getting lost in madrid and 80 other cities on your next christmas vacation
google maps will prevent you from getting lost in madrid and 80 other cities on your next christmas vacation

The Christmas season is approaching, and with it, tourism is picking up again; and it is proven that Google Maps is the app that we should always carry on our mobile if we are going to visit a place that is new to us. Functions such as route selection depending on whether we are walking or driving, or the possibility of searching for nearby interesting places are very useful, and now Google has implemented new improvements for these types of situations.

The biggest novelty consists of new route recommendations , which will be able to indicate exactly the path we must follow to avoid getting lost, even inside some buildings such as train stations.

In 80 cities around the world, such as Madrid, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, Google Maps will be able to show exactly the entrances and exits of the stations and which street they face; No more having to look for the correct exit going around the station, as Maps will even show the path we need to follow so that we always end up on the right train or on the street we need to be on.

But leaving the station is only the beginning of our journey. Maps will also be able to recommend different routes depending on our circumstances or preferences. For example, we can choose routes that require us to make fewer transfers if we prefer to make the trip in one sitting, or routes that require less walking, are wheelchair accessible, or cost less; and if we don’t want to think, there is always the option of the “best route”. And if we are going to take the bus or a taxi, Maps will allow us to configure the trip to give priority to our favorite mode of transport when calculating the route.

Also related to Christmas tourism is the second novelty presented: collaborative lists . Now we can create a list of locations to visit on our vacation, in which our friends can vote using emojis such as the heart or the thumbs up and thumbs down. Once decided, the list can be shared via text or instant messaging apps to all participants.

peaking of emojis, emoji reactions are a novelty that can convince us to share our trips through Maps. From now on, when we see a photo, video or review that has been published by another user in the Google Maps community, we can react with an emoji, indicating that we like the publication or thanking them for the information. This function is also compatible with Google’s Artificial Intelligence emoji creator, to create specific emojis for each situation; although it will not be necessary, since Maps will be able to analyze the content and show an emoji appropriate to the content of the photo.

All these new features will reach users of the Google Maps app for iOS and Android starting today.


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