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Google Maps will inform you better about traffic thanks to a new widget

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If traffic information is important in your day-to-day life, surely one of the applications you use constantly is google maps. This offers very striking options in this regard, which are added to the fact that it is one of the most complete developments that can be found to create routes and find places wherever you go. Well, soon the app will have a novelty that will make it much more interesting for you. The way this will be achieved is through a widget. These items are add-ons that can be placed on the desktop that allow you to quickly review information without opening the associated application. One example is checking the weather on the site you’re on, or viewing new mail in Gmail if you need to (at least you’ll see the subject of the message in question). Well, this is something that Google Maps will take advantage of, as it plans to launch a new component of this type that completes the widgets that already exist for this app. And luckily, they’ve thought of those traffic needs because the element will show how things are where you are. And this is sure to be of great help to users. What will the new Google Maps widget show Well, with a size that is quite adequate, it does not occupy the entire screen, but it is large enough so that the elements that are displayed can be distinguished. Thus, you can see different lines that indicate how things are on the main streets of the point where you are. The colors as always in Google Maps will indicate the situation: green is that everything is going well; orange, that there may be problems; and, if the red appears, you should prepare to put up with a jam. Therefore, it is a good way to know how the traffic is when you start a route. Especially the ones you know and don’t need to open the Google app at all. Of course, what’s displayed changes once you get further down the road or if traffic conditions change significantly. By the way, you can enjoy this addition on Android, so you’re sure to be in luck if you have a terminal with this operating system. Some more things that have been known These have to do with the widgets that are favorites -according to Google- in users who have Android. Apart from Google Maps itself, options such as being able to archive the emails that arrive directly or review the translations that you have recently done with the company’s own application are also present. In this link you can check the list that has been published and, perhaps, it will help you to find something that you did not know existed. >

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